Soaptopia 50/50 Body Balm – The best body balm I’ve ever had in our store

17 Apr

I fell in love with Soaptopia products when I saw them in the showroom two years ago but I didn’t have space for them in the store. Finally I can carry them in the store now!
My favorite is their 50/50 Body Balm We have so many body balms or body butters in the store but I have to tell you the truth that it is the most wonderful body balm I’ve ever had.

First of all, it is 50% decadent cream and 50% indulgence so when you open the jar, you will see about eight balls of cream swimming in the essential oil…..haha! I know it sounds weird but that’s why this body balm is so unique.

Second, you must think that it will make your skin greasy. Not at all! When you try it, you will be surprised how soft the body balm is and how the body balm can be absorbed by your skin in one minute.

Third, you can use it as body cream, hand cream, foot cream or even massage oil/ cream! You can grab more oil with less cream or less oil with more cream. You decide how rich you want it to be.

Anyhow, I jsut love it and hope you will love it, too!


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