July 2010 Special!10% Off on all citrus scented products!

7 Jul

What citrus scent can do to our minds?

Citrus – Energy, refreshing, uplifting and clean

Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Verbena – all these scents enhance energy, are great wake-up and perk-uppers! Try one of these scents in a soap, bubble bath or shower gel, or even a lotion, especially in the morning. The smell of orange helps provide emotional balance and bring on a positive outlook. In Summer, try keeping a citrus scent in the refrigerator before spritzing, for a cool splash!

These scents can be invigorating and have a mind clearing effect that aids concentration too!

10% OFF on all citrus scented products. Coupon code: julycitrus10. Valid through 07/31/2010. Offer cannot be combined with any other special offer or apply to prior purchases. Online store Only.


Our another wonderful brand – AHAVA was featured in these magazines!!

23 Jun

You must try them to see how great those products are!!

AHAVA’S PURIFYING MUD MASK FOR OILY SKIN was featured as a “Beauty Spa Secret Best Bet” to “refresh” skin from “head to toe.”

AHAVA’S MINERAL BODY LOTION was featured as one of the winners for the best hydrating moisturizer. This “not-too-thick, not-to-thin lotion formula is just right for tackling dryness”.

AHAVA’S DERMUD INTENSIVE NOURISHING HAND CREAM was featured as “Best Hydrating Hand Cream” with its “combination of soothing aloe and mineral-rich mud” to “treat chronically dry and irritated skin”.

AHAVA MINERAL FOOT CREAM was a featured product in “How to Get a Salon-Worthy pedicure at home”.

AHAVA Purifying Mud Mask was featured in a story titled “Natural Recipes for Perfect Skin.” It’s listed as an editor’s pick for eliminating breakouts while leaving skin clear and soft.

AHAVA Dermud Enriched Intensive Foot Cream was featured in an “All-Natural Pedicure” article. The “soothing blend of Dead Sea mud, minerals and plant extracts ease red, itchy and scaling skin.”

AHAVA Intensive Hydration Mask was featured in a story titled “The Most Moisturizing Products of All Time”. “The most dewy, creamy mask ever plus it smells amazing.”

New Rubber Duckies!

16 Jun

New rubber duckies arrived! Limited quantities available so you may hurry up to collect them! My favorite is the Space Ducky! All of them are individually packed in clear plastic box with different name on it. Only couple photos available and more styles can be seen in the store.

Arty Duck

Daydream Duck

Dot Duck

Spring Duck

Love Fantasy Duck

Ouchy Duck

Space Duck

June 2010 New Products

5 Jun
We got many new products lately. I love them all, especially the peace candles and incenses. We also got some new duckies collection. They are super cute and limited quantity available so you’d better to stay tuned…..
Peace Candles.
Great Fruity fragrances
Incense Collection.
They all smell nice and fresh, different from traditional incense’s smell
Wooden Leaf Incense Holder. My favorite!!
Flower Cupcake Soaps
Mango Peach Diffuser.
Pretty floral decoration on the sticks and a bag of decorative stones. The price is lovely~ only $ 12!!
Bamboo and Lily Diffuser.
Perfect scent for Summer!
Pretty floral decoration on the sticks and a bag of decorative stones. The price is lovely~ only $ 12!!

2010 Memorial Day Special!!

28 May
2010 Memorial Day Special !
 40% OFF on All Terranova Body Butter!! Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon Only!

The Power of the Bath

21 May

“Healing begins with an aromatic bath and daily massage.”
– Hippocrates

For centuries, hydrotherapy has been considered an important treatment for a wide range of ailments. Aromatic baths releases powerful scented oils through steam that can give relief from pain, sinus and skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema; they can also treat emotional imbalances, headache, fluid retention, stress, insomnia, muscle aches and circulatory problems.

Create your own private world. Use the power of the bath and create a space of solitude and complete relaxation. In the wonderful world of a comforting bath we can free the mind while we immerse the body in a haven of healing.

Path to the Perfect Bath

1. Prepare
Start the experience even before you submerge into the steaming, warm bath infused with powerful aromas. Allow your body to relax as the soothing sound of running water fills up the room. Play relaxing music and dim the lights.
2. Add Aroma
Add the essential oil, bath salt or gel of choice, or one that will achieve the results you’re seeking. As the steam from the hot water fills the air, your aromatherapy treatment begins.

3. Set the Mood
Decorate your surroundings with candles, flowers and other mood enhancing articles. As your bath is getting ready, prepare yourself physically and emotionally-your tempo before and after is part of the experience as well. Take your time.

4. Submerge
Slowly step into the hot water, allowing your body to adjust to the heat. Soak, relax, breathe. This is a YOU focused time. Let the steam, water and aroma take you away.

5. Emerge
Wrap yourself in a clean, soft towel or your favorite bathrobe. Allow your body to cool down before carefully moisturizing your entire body to complete the treatment.

Special Tips For the Ultimate Experience

A morning bath can make you feel revitalized. Use a stimulating essential oil such as rosemary or jasmine.

Don’t stay in the tub too long, as an ultra-long bath strains your circulation and hot water dissolves your skin’s natural lipids. There is a definite correlation between bath temperatures, duration of soak and the mood your bath leaves you in.

77 degrees F to 86 degrees F – Duration 10 minutes

98 degrees F to 102 degrees F – Duration 15-20 minutes

102 degrees F to 104 degrees F – Duration 10-30 minutes. To treat a cold or induce sweating.

– From Aromafloria

Unique Wedding/ Party Favors

19 May

Are you preparing for a wedding or a party? Need some unique ideas for your wedding/ party favors? Here you are! Please place your order at least two weeks prior to your event to make sure that the items can be delivered on time. (Special discount may apply to large quantity order). http://store.seaportsoapopera.com/uniquefavors.html

Cupcake Soaps:
Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Greenleaf Small Sachet:
Rose, Bamboo Blossom, Seaspray, Lavender, Jasmine, Garden Breeze, Blushing Tulips, Ginger Tea

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Greenleaf Votive Candles:
Lavender, Bamboo Blossom, Roses, Seaspray, Jasmine

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Decorative Soaps: varieties of shapes

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Cupcake Lip Gloss and Chocolate Lip Gloss

Mini Hand Crafted Rose Soaps:
Assorted colors

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Camille Beckman Mini Hand Therapy:
Tuscan Honey, Rosewater, Lavender, Mango Beach, White Lilac, Gardenia Breeze, Passion Pear, French Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

San Diego Handmade Soaps:
Varieties of scents

Custom labels with photos and messages are availalbe upon request with no extra charge.