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The Secret to Glossy Hair

9 Oct

..is to use Glossy Locks Hair Balm from 100 Percent Pure!

I don’t know about you guys, but I put my hair through a lot of damage. Whether it may be by the over usage of heating products or hair dye chemicals, the best way to keep your hair looking healthy is with a protectant balm. Just like how we protect our skin with sunscreen and body lotion, our hair needs the same kind of care and attention as well. Unlike most commercial hair products, which contains chemicals that might further damage our hair, the hair balm from 100 Pure contains all natural ingredients such as:

  • Avocado Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E (a-tocopherol)
  • Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5)
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Lavender Essential Oil

It is difficult to find ingredients that we can actually pronounce and understand what they are! 100 Percent Pure has put together a truly organice product to help restore, seal and protect our hair.  To use, simply apply a small amount to damp hair before styling with heating products and it can also be used on dry hair to enhance the moisture.

Just like our skin, our hair needs protectant too! Available at our La Jolla store!


July 2010 Special!10% Off on all citrus scented products!

7 Jul

What citrus scent can do to our minds?

Citrus – Energy, refreshing, uplifting and clean

Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit, Verbena – all these scents enhance energy, are great wake-up and perk-uppers! Try one of these scents in a soap, bubble bath or shower gel, or even a lotion, especially in the morning. The smell of orange helps provide emotional balance and bring on a positive outlook. In Summer, try keeping a citrus scent in the refrigerator before spritzing, for a cool splash!

These scents can be invigorating and have a mind clearing effect that aids concentration too!

10% OFF on all citrus scented products. Coupon code: julycitrus10. Valid through 07/31/2010. Offer cannot be combined with any other special offer or apply to prior purchases. Online store Only.


Why Organic?

15 May

Why organic products are so popular now?

1. “As much as 60% of topical skin-care products are absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream,” Says Dr. Nancy Lonsdrof, M.D. an lowa-based physician, “They should be consumed with the same prudence that we use to choose our breakfast cereal.” – April 2006 issue of Women’s Health Magazine. There are many toxic chemicals in cosmetic products that have been clinically proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and many different skin disorders.

2. Perfumes and fragrances are synthetic chemicals that do not have any medicinal or aroma therapeutic value. Organic products smell delicious because what you smell is real. The wonderful aromas in Organic products are from real fruits, pure essential oils, and pure absolutes.

Come to our store to smell our organic products and enjoy the aromas from our mother nature!

Zum Bars: http://store.seaportsoapopera.com/indigowild.html
100% Pure: http://store.seaportsoapopera.com/100percentpure.html
Soaptopia: http://store.seaportsoapopera.com/soaptopia.html

Soaptopia New Products!

11 May

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…..Da…La…..Da… Hey! Wait! It should be ” Somewhere Over The Bathbow ” ! Check out our new products : Somewhere Over The Bathbow, Hippee, Tequila Sunset and 50/50 Coconut Lime Body Balm. The Coconut Lime Body Balm is my favorite now. I couldn’t stop putting it on my skin and smelling my…… skin and I said ” it smells sooooooo good ” at least 5 times in 30 minutes !


Attention! $ 5 OFF coupon for our Hand Care products

1 May
Our May special: Get $ 5 off on any $40 purchase of our Hand Care Products. Offer does not apply to prior purchase. Offer is not valid in combination with any other offer or disscount. Valid through 5/31/2010. Use the coupon code: may0510 online or mention this post at checkout in the store.

Caffeine Is Good For Our Skin

20 Apr

One of our customers asked me what caffeine can do for our skin so I decide to post this note to let our fans know how great job Caffeine can do for our skin.

We all know what caffeine can do for our moods in the morning, but caffeine is also increasingly celebrated in the dermatological community for its impact on the skin. For years, caffeine’s ability to quickly and effectively constrict blood vessels has made it a valued topical ingredient to minimize facial flushing.

Caffeine is starting to get lots of attention for its antioxidant properties when used both topically and orally because of its anti-inflammatory benefits.

One particularly promising study suggested that topical caffeine may also repair UV damage – and that it may prove to be a stronger antioxidant than certain green tea polyphenols. Coffeecherry which comes from the fruit of the coffee plant, is also getting a lot of attention lately as the next big antioxidant.

We have two products containing Caffeine and Coffeecherry:
100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream (the hottest item in our store)
100% Pure Organic Coffee Cherry Caffeine Face Cream

If you have not tried them yet, you must take advantage of our 10% off discount (Go to our Facebook and click “like” and you will find the coupon code there valid through 4/30/2010) to take them home.

Soaptopia 50/50 Body Balm – The best body balm I’ve ever had in our store

17 Apr

I fell in love with Soaptopia products when I saw them in the showroom two years ago but I didn’t have space for them in the store. Finally I can carry them in the store now!
My favorite is their 50/50 Body Balm http://store.seaportsoapopera.com/5050bodybalm.html. We have so many body balms or body butters in the store but I have to tell you the truth that it is the most wonderful body balm I’ve ever had.

First of all, it is 50% decadent cream and 50% indulgence so when you open the jar, you will see about eight balls of cream swimming in the essential oil…..haha! I know it sounds weird but that’s why this body balm is so unique.

Second, you must think that it will make your skin greasy. Not at all! When you try it, you will be surprised how soft the body balm is and how the body balm can be absorbed by your skin in one minute.

Third, you can use it as body cream, hand cream, foot cream or even massage oil/ cream! You can grab more oil with less cream or less oil with more cream. You decide how rich you want it to be.

Anyhow, I jsut love it and hope you will love it, too!