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Unique Wedding/ Party Favors

19 May

Are you preparing for a wedding or a party? Need some unique ideas for your wedding/ party favors? Here you are! Please place your order at least two weeks prior to your event to make sure that the items can be delivered on time. (Special discount may apply to large quantity order). http://store.seaportsoapopera.com/uniquefavors.html

Cupcake Soaps:
Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Greenleaf Small Sachet:
Rose, Bamboo Blossom, Seaspray, Lavender, Jasmine, Garden Breeze, Blushing Tulips, Ginger Tea

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Greenleaf Votive Candles:
Lavender, Bamboo Blossom, Roses, Seaspray, Jasmine

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Decorative Soaps: varieties of shapes

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Cupcake Lip Gloss and Chocolate Lip Gloss

Mini Hand Crafted Rose Soaps:
Assorted colors

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

Camille Beckman Mini Hand Therapy:
Tuscan Honey, Rosewater, Lavender, Mango Beach, White Lilac, Gardenia Breeze, Passion Pear, French Vanilla, Pink Grapefruit

Sheer Bags (sold separately):
Gold, Pink, Lavender, Light Blue (more colors available upon request)

San Diego Handmade Soaps:
Varieties of scents

Custom labels with photos and messages are availalbe upon request with no extra charge.

Our Beach Towel Collection

17 May

California Map Towel with Hibiscus (Available in Pink, Purple and Turquoise)

California Map Towel:

Padres Towel:

California Woodie Towel:

California Towel:

If you are interested in these beach towels, you can call us at 1800-868-1230 to place an order or just come to our store at Seaport Village.

Soaptopia New Products!

11 May

Somewhere Over The Rainbow…..Da…La…..Da… Hey! Wait! It should be ” Somewhere Over The Bathbow ” ! Check out our new products : Somewhere Over The Bathbow, Hippee, Tequila Sunset and 50/50 Coconut Lime Body Balm. The Coconut Lime Body Balm is my favorite now. I couldn’t stop putting it on my skin and smelling my…… skin and I said ” it smells sooooooo good ” at least 5 times in 30 minutes !


FREE Mini Hand Therapy

6 May

I’m going to do you a favor and remind you that Mom’s Day is May 9th. Not that far away… Don’t panic! I have a fun and interactive date all picked out for you and your Moms.

Most mother’s like to be pampered. Our store is hosting a pampering event for all those San Diego mothers out there! A hand therapy pampering event to be exact.

Here is how it is going to go down. It will be on both Saturday and Sunday of Mother’s Day weekend (5/8/2010 and 5/9/2010) from 1pm to 4pm.

They will have a table setup outside of their store. There they will use hand scrub to exfoliate customer’s hands and then will massage your hands with your choice of hand creams and cuticle creams. Customers will have the choice of Crabtree Evelyn hand scrub and hand therapy, Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy, The Thymes Hand Cream, Ahava hand cream, 100% Organic hand cream, Caswell Massey hand cream. Lots of fun stuff to choose from!

Our store will also have coupons for hand care products available. If you feel so inclined to purchase a gift for your mom (hint: you absolutely should.) you can do it at a discount!

Oh! One more thing, if you would like to know how to get a Crabtree- Evelyn Hand Care Gift Set for FREE ($ 45 value), come to our event and you’ll know! www.seaportsoapopera.com


4 May

We start to have more and more customers in our store to choose gifts for their moms and that makes me want to write this note. 

I realized that how great my mom is after I had my son. Moms always love us no matter who we are; Moms always forgive us no matter what we do; moms are always there whenever we need them. Moms will be happy as long as they know that we care about them. 

There are varieties of stores in Seaport you can shop for your moms ( Of course I think our store is the best! Haha! ) so don’t forget to do something or say something to your moms on Mother’s Day. If your moms are in Heaven, you just need to smile at the sky and your moms will give you hugs by the wind and give you kisses by the sunshine.


What’s your plan for tonight ( May 4th )?

4 May

What’s your plan for tonight ( May 4th )?

Here is a wonderful plan for you! Enjoy a sunset dinner at Greek Island Cafe at Seaport, have some delicious ice cream at Ben & Jerry’s at Seaport ( 5pm to 7pm ) – Bonnaroo Buzz sampling, take you kids to the free kids event at Upstart Crow Coffeehouse at Seaport ( 7pm to 8pm ) and grab some Bath Oil Beads or Chill Pills at Presenting The Soap Opera at Seaport ( 8pm to 9pm ). Your kids will give you a big big hug and have a sweet dream then!!!



Mini Hand Spa at Home

3 May

Step 1: RELAXING YOUR SELF. Identify a good place, play your favorite music and light up a soothing candle. http://store.seaportsoapopera.com/soycandles.html

Step 2: START WITH CLEAN HANDS: Using a nail brush to clean underneath fingernails and around cuticles.

Step 3: SLOUGH AND SCRUB. Pour hand scrub into palm of hand and rub hand scrub into your hands, paying special attention to the backs of hands and your cuticles.

Step 4: RINSE. Rinse the scrub from your hands with warm water. Use soap, if necessary, but only concentrate the soap around your nails and the palms of your hands, you want to leave a very light film of oil on the backs of your hands, to condition and protect.

Step 5: MOISTURIZE. Apply your favorite hand cream and massage it into your hands especially on the backs of your hands and cuticles and wear the moisturizing gloves for ten minutes. Don’t your hands feel amazingly soft, now!

You can get this whole treatment for FREE in our Mother’s Day event: 1:00pm to 4pm on May 8th and 9th in front of our store.
Don’t forget to use your $ 5 OFF coupon on our hand care products.